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Italian to the core

Blackfin is an Italian-based eyewear manufacturer with the sweet scent of Italy spread all over its products. From the conception of every new frame up to its design, the color and temple evaluation up to the final implementation, all steps are performed exclusively by staff coming from the company’s homeland.

The rationale that led to the establishment

This philosophy was adhered to in the early stages, when in 1971 Maria Pramaor founded the-then homonymous-company. Having herself a background in the eyewear industry, she had elaborated a clear business plan right from the start. She christened it “Neomadeinitaly” and ideologically defined it as “passion, dedication, respect and care for employees and their environment”.

In the beginning, she chose the geographical context of the business offices and that was Agordo. Agordo is an area of rare beauty and tranquility, in the heart of the Italian Alps, amidst perennial forests, surrounded by lakes and streams.

Direct eye contact with nature cleanses the spirit on one hand and on the other hand is a challenge for the workers to make products that will stand at or exceed the height of the beauty of the surrounding place.

She then invested exclusively in local craftsmen. Pramaor company, as well as its transformation in Blackfin, are proud to announce that they are an Italian company from the roots up to the last branch. From the management team, the design department, the technicians up to the housekeeping service.

Frames’ raw materials are always at the heart of design approach and have been a research area since the time of Maria Pramaor. Been faithful to this idea, along with her husband Primo Del Din, they began manufacturing optical glasses and sunglasses from a state-of-the-art material, titanium, back in 1991, by arranging for teams of technicians to travel directly to the source, in Japan. Being 40% lighter than steel, flexible, non-toxic and anti-allergenic, titanium became the cornerstone on which the new era of business was built.

Pass on the torch to the next generation

As for today, Blackfin is still run by the same family, led by Nicola Del Din’s son. The perfectionism that distinguishes Blackfin products is understood in the most tangible way if we mention that each pair of glasses that reaches your hands has gone through 53 stages of production, which are described as a ‘rite’ by Mr Del Din. With titanium as the exclusive raw material, the company produces frames of excellent ergonomics and aesthetic thoroughness.

We choose Blackfin because. . .

We at Optical House are so confident that the Blackfin frame you try on will impress you, since we simply trust them with our eyes closed, like they trust titanium!


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