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Some eyewear ideas a little different

Would you like to try a pair of sunglasses made of carbon fiber? What about your new Adidas fleece cardigan, what if it could make a match with your Adidas sunglasses? Do you happen to be a Juventus supporter? Please believe us, these questions are absolutely related to each other.

Management focus

The founders of Italia Independent, Lapo Elkann, Andrea Tessitore and Giovanni Accongiagioco have shown from the outset their willingness to experiment and take risks. The results have justified their decisions and, since the start in 2007, Italia Independent today manages to export its eyewear products to 70 countries worldwide. The central concept “Made in Italy” characterizes the way in which the collections are designed, inspired by the Italian elegance offered in packages of optical frames and sunglasses.

Patented technologies

The company is globally known for patenting technologies such as I-Thermic (provokes frame color change when exposed in temperature greater than 30°C) and UV Lux (gives frames the sensation of touching velvet).

Why we love Italia Independent

We at Optical House support Italia Independent eyewear because they surely know how to balance innovation with elegance in every pair of frames.


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