Maui Jim: The fisherman that tamed the sun

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From fishing to optics manufacturing

“Maui Jim’s” journey, from sunny fishing days in the early ’80s on Ka’anapali Beach in Maui, Hawaii, to the top of sunglasses’ makers worldwide, has been, inescapably, a long and adventurous one.

In perpetual search for innovation

With actual name Jim Richards, fate had chosen him to play an important role in the island’s reputation. By studying the sun’s dazzle in the area and aiming at maximum protection from ultraviolet radiation, he developed revolutionary patents on raw materials, filters and coatings, such as the PolarizedPlus2® lens, so that every visitor on the island can, and by extension, anyone working in places with bright sunshine, enjoy the scenery without altering its sharpness or natural coloration.

The importance of PolarizedPlus2® lens in sun protection

The importance of manufacturing polarized, UV-protective lenses, such as PolarizedPlus2®, can be easier perceived by considering the corresponding risks of exposure to UV radiation, where it has already been recognized the necessity to prevent them. For the eyes, in addition to direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation, it is equally dangerous to be indirectly exposured to sunlight from cloud-scattered or ground or sea-reflected light. For this reason, what is particularly important in sunglasses, apart from the lens fabrication material, is their optical design and coatings.

In recent years, due to adverse climate changes, there is strong epidemiological and experimental evidence that exposure to UV radiation is a risk factor for a number of eye diseases. Furthermore, chronic exposure to ultraviolet (even indirect) radiation has been linked to age-related illnesses, such as cataracts or macular degeneration. Let’s try not to forget that, unlike our skin which is mostly exposed during the summer months, our eyes are exposed to sunlight throughout the year!

Maui Jim’s collection in numbers

To this day, the collection of Maui Jim frames features 125 different designs, with lenses available in 4 colors (Neutral Gray, HCL® Bronze, Maui Rose®, Maui HT ™) and 8 different treatments (Mirror versions: Bi-Gradient, Blue Hawaii, Maui Sunrise, Maui Green. Double Mirrors: Gold with Silver, Blue with Silver, Silver with Black. No Mirror: Maui Gradient®).

All lenses are polarized and eliminate 99.9% of reflections, while providing 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Maui Jim and Optical House Partnership!

The Optical House stores in Heraklion and Rhodes, as you must have guessed, not only provide Maui Jim sunglasses, but also are company ambassadors and sponsors at tennis clubs such as Agios Ioannis Tennis Club in Heraklion (www.oaai.gr).

The windproof banner we created, in collaboration with Maui Jim, now adorns Agios Ioannis’ tennis courts.


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