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The causes that led to the establishment

The reckless and increasing use of plastic, especially disposable, is an increasing burden on the planet. The available green fields either for cultivation or oxygen production worldwide have decreased to a preoccupying extent.

Alessandro Lanaro, CEO of MODO Eyewear, is a man of action and innovation. The foregoing thoughts have been whirling in his mind for quite some time, until he decided to take drastic decisions and set the example of environmentally sustainable development for other companies in the field to follow.

It was over this context that ECO Eyewear company was created. As one can easily tell from the brand name, it refers to a business model dedicated to producing a low environmental footprint, by commiting nevertheless that in no way the quality of construction materials could be compromised .

Impact of the new corporate model

After a thorough research of the design department, today ECO Eyewear boasts that they have already achieved the following objectives: on one hand the company produces glasses frames made of 95% recycled metal, while on the other hand they have incorporated a special treatment of the resin by castor oil in order to create an alternative option, instead of plastic, as raw material. These techniques are used to create optical frames, sunglasses, and magnetic clip-ons alike.

Reinvesting part of the profits in the environment

In addition, through the program “One Frame, One Tree”, and in collaboration with the NGO “Trees for the Future”, the company is committed to plant one tree for each pair of glasses sold, a number that has so far exceeded 2 million worldwide. Let us highlight here that the NGO “Trees for the Future” organizes seminars on sustainable farming techniques, for farmers living in countries facing severe poverty so that they could not only meet their personal food needs, but also sell the rest of their crop to earn a living.

Why we choose ECO Eyewear

It is an honor for us at Optical House to work with a role model company in Corporate Social Responsibility and are looking forward to presenting you with the objets d’art of ECO Eyewear collections that will accompany your eyes for years to come.


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