Garrett Leight – You got a little stardust on your glasses

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In the beginning

Garrett Leight California Optical (hereinafter referred to as GLCO) was created by the business acumen of the homonymous designer, as well as his personal vision of life to create flawless eyewear.

Family matters

Inspired by the work of his father, Larry Leight, he was determined to continue the family legacy and extend the boundaries of eyewear-making by experimenting with materials such as titanium. With handmade frames, finished in Japan by local craftsmen that have been co-operating for decade with Garrett Leight’s father, Larry, the company is committed to creating life-lasting, high quality eyewear.

Some Hollywood fans. . .

Still not convinced? Well, you could always ask Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio if they considered their Garrett Leight sunglasses’s enough protective from the bright sun of Cannes this year, then pay a visit to Optical House in Heraclion or Rhodes to try them on yourself!


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