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Eyewear with increased quality of humor

Welcome to Design Eyewear Group’s most playful optics company! Initially created with the rationale to be just a collection of FACE A FACE, it quickly evolved into a standalone company.

The idea that led to the establishment

Being the brainchild of Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth, also founders of FACE A FACE since 1995, the new brand could not escape the rule they had laid down from the outset as the cornerstone of the business: the endless exploration of new shapes, materials and colors with the objective to transform each frame into a small objet d’art.

Freedom for an innovative approach in optical design

With WOOW eyewear they decided to take the whole process a step further. First of all, to justify the company name, this English exclamation of admiration, by adding the second O for emphasis. They broke new ground with bolder color combinations, exciting patterns, unexpected geometric shapes. The Parisian origin of the founders blended with casual London fashion gave birth to WOOW. The frames are handmade and made in Italy.

Trademark message on each frame!

The design culmination is undoubtedly their choice to decorate the – spherical – interior of the temples’ edge in a special way. Simple, clear, focused 2-word messages (one at each temple, like a dialogue), such as Marry Me, Super Fine, Don’t Panic, Hurry Up, Let’s See, Be Cult, and even Wool Street (inspired by the woolen frame design!) and you will surely be forced to pop a smile, whatever your mood is when you wake up.

At the Optical House stores in Heraklion and Rhodes we are waiting for you to discover through our extensive collection the WOOW factor inside you!


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