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If you wish to join the Prodesign Denmark design team, you should…

In the professional field of Optometrists, whenever Prodesign Denmark is mentioned, two words come directly to mind: Optical Architects. This designation is not a mere label, we assure you; it is literally based on the above-mentioned term. Why? It’s quite simple. From the establishment of the company up to this day, there is a tradition that has been maintained: the design team members are all graduates of the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark, which is where the headquarters are located.

Journey’s starting point and main design specifications

Starting in 1973, this eyewear company is distinguished for the production of products ingrained with the logic “face first”.

Anything not serving the form and functionality of the frame is considered unnecessary and is rejected. On the contrary, the main design concern of the frame is to embrace and harmonize with the angles of the face. This tactic has the effect of converting each spectacled not only in fine looking but also notable by wearing the glasses of their choice.

The concept of this approach originates from the Scandinavian admiration gene towards the stylistic minimalism on one hand, while on the other hand roots in the fact that Prodesign Denmark was founded by Opticians. Faithful to the commands of their social duty, but also knowledgeable of the public’s needs, they create products with hypoallergenic and resilient raw materials, such as titanium and eco-friendly acetate.

Processing stages

Each frame design is inspired by distinctive geometric shapes, which are then painted in vibrant colors, in a process that lasts 10-14 months for each pair of glasses. Designing skills is one desideratum. The other is for each model to meet the high quality standards that the company has set. For this reason, in addition to the CE mark, each individual pair of Prodesign Denmark glasses goes through 40 quality checks (antiallergic, color permanence, sweat or make-up resistance etc.) and is hand assembled!

We choose Prodesign Denmark because…

Today, Prodesign Denmark is one of the prominent members of the Design Eyewear Group. The consistency the company demonstrates in the aforementioned corporate values is for us at Optical House the primary reason we are confident that Prodesign Denmark eyewear will take care of your eyes, just like we do!


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